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NFT Trading Value Hits A New High: Perfect Time To Promote Your NFT

According to a report published by DappRadar, the trading volume of NFT or non-fungible tokens has surged to $10.67 billion in the third quarter of 2021. To be precise, that’s 704% more than the last year.

NFT hit its record-breaking growth in August 2021. As per DappRadar, the trading volume reached $5.2 billion. Even though things cooled off a little in September, it still contributed to $4 billion in trading volume.

Several factors resulted in the sharp increase in NFT’s trading volume. The first being, NFT investors have faith in them. They see long-term value in non-fungible tokens and believe they will do even better in the future.

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NFTs are represented by a unique code on a blockchain. Like any physical assets, NFTs can be bought and sold. But the ownership of the NFT can be tracked.

Another possible reason is social status. Owning NFTs adds to your social status in the crypto community.

NFTs are digital assets such as collectables, art, videos, images, and even memes. You gain respect if you are an NFT collector.

Overall, NFT is extremely innovative and versatile. It is changing rapidly, which has got the investors hooked to it.

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